For over fifteen years, CHEF has created collaborative forums for ethical deliberation and education statewide.

Our Mission

CHEF facilitates opportunities for collaboration and networking among persons and organizations engaged in healthcare ethics across the state of Colorado.  CHEF actively seeks out diverse perspectives and open dialogue on morally complex issues.


Our core values


Open-minded communication and collaborative dialogue are integral to the practice of ethics.


Valuing diversity demands a commitment to active engagement with multiple perspectives and a concern for social inequity and bias. 


Wisdom is transdisciplinary, flexible and curious.  Wise ethical practice emerges from a patient-centered, relational, and responsive approach to changing contexts and multiple perspectives.  


The work of justice is concerned with the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities and the promotion of conditions that contribute to the health of individuals and communities.


The practice of compassion addresses suffering in oneself and others with kindness and an unconditional positive regard. Compassion contributes to a healthy, resilient and effective organizational culture.